Recurve Bows

There are many manufacturers of recurve bows some great some not so good but to be fair you do tend to get what you pay for.  If you are looking to start in field archery then the recurve bow is probably the best type of bow to start with.  Not as complicated as a compound bow but more sophisticated tha the long bow.  With the amount of recurve bows available today it can make sense to look carefully at the secondhand market to get the best value for money.  The first port of call is often your local archery club.  Here you can try before you buy but if you are an absolute beginner it is a great idea to get yourself some training before you make a purchase.  There may be a club coach who has been trained in the art, or is it a craft, of training people of all types to accurately and above all safely shoot a bow and arrow.  If there is no official coach then there will almost certainly be an enthusiast who will take you under his wing, but bear in mind that enthusiasm alone does not make a great or even good trainer or coach.  Listen carefully to all that he tells you and try to get the opportunity to try as many different lengths and draw weight bows as possible.  After a while you will find the combination of size and draw weight that suits you best.  Only when you are certain of these specific requirements should you start your search for your perfect recurve bow.

When you start looking for your bow it will become evident that there are several sources of both new and secondhand equipment.  A good place to look if you cannot find what you want at the local archery club is the specialist bow sports store if you have one locally.  Here you can feel the balance of a bow and maybe even try it out.  It will shoot differently with different weight and length arrows, some combinations will work for you and others will not be so good.  The specialist store staff will also be trained to give you advice and help.  The down side is that bows from the store will be top dollar and even their secondhand selection will be expensive compared to other sources.  At the other end of the price scale your local Wal-Mart type store is certainly not a good place to find a serious recurve archery bow.  Cheap yes, good no.

We all realise the need for our sporting goods to be top value for money, and it is here that web sites such as e-bay come into play.  Once you have decided on your ideal size and draw weight and have tried some bows you will almost certainly find yourself favouring a particular manufacturer, Ben Pearson or Black Widow maybe Bear or any of the other mainstream top names.  To ease the pain of trawling through endless listings you can find your recurve easily using



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